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Behind the name.


Growing up, a lot of us got into sports for fun. We used to run, jump, sprint, tackle, lift and everything in between and we enjoyed it. We were also incredibly healthy - Not just because we were young but because we practiced all of these skills.


As we’ve gotten older, I have seen more and more people stop doing the things we did when we were younger.

We stop running, jumping, sprinting, tackling and lifting.

People say we stop these things because we have gotten older. I say we get older because we stop doing these things.


A Hybrid Individual is someone who breaks the mould of stopping things that keep us from feeling young. It allows us to be ready for anything and to truly reap the rewards of not only looking great but moving great too.


A Hybrid individual has the ability to combine both strength training in the gym and endurance training - whether that’s running, cycling, swimming or anything in between; together to not hinder, but complement one another.


The issue with Hybrid training is that because these fitness modalities are, at times, completely opposite to one another, it becomes really hard to progress in both. A lot of people will try to train like a Hybrid Athlete but fall short due to overtraining, injuries or just lack of progression in each fitness modality completely.

Programming for Hybrid training is the key to long term success. Having the ability to specifically structure blocks and phases of training to ensure you are improving in the needed fitness components based on your goals. Without a program, you’re just guessing and the quicker you will find yourself burning out entirely.


Strengthwired was designed off years of high level sport, wanting to look good but ultimately wanting to move better too.

It was designed off wanting to be able to run like you used to playing soccer or rugby or basketball.

It was designed off wanting to be able to keep up with your kids and be a fit parent.

It was designed off wanting to be able to be strong in the gym but still walk up a flight of stairs without being exhausted.

It was designed for ordinary people being able to achieve extraordinary things.


This is what STRENGTHWIRED has been built off. To provide people with the ability to become a Hybrid Individual, no matter who you are, how old you are or what your goals are. Being a Hybrid Athlete is the key to your ultimate health and fitness.

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