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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Growing up, I was always involved in sport and any sort of athletic domain I could get my hands on. Out of all the sports I played, soccer (football) quickly became the one I invested a lot of time and energy into. Initially, I got into weight training to help be stronger and fitter on the field. I was a short and scrawny kid, and I hated being pushed off the ball.

Hybrid Training

Although my passion for football faded, my passion for pushing myself only intensified. Combining the gym with my base level of fitness, I found this new style of training. The Hybrid Approach. Not only could I change the way I look, put on more muscle and increase my strength, but I could still be fit. Moving away from football, I started pursuing other sports and events to test myself and what I could really achieve. From Muay Thai, Running events, Powerlifting and everything in between - I grew a love of testing my body in as many different ways as possible. 

This passion has led me to becoming the coach I am today. I am truly passionate about working with individuals who want to become a Hybrid athlete and test themselves in whatever way they wish too. I have been blessed to work with athletes in Soccer, AFL, Rugby, League Tag, Basketball, Muay Thai, Marathons, Triathlons and Ironmans. My goal is to keep providing a high level service to individuals wanting to make a difference to their health and push themselves to a new level. 


Besides, you tell me a disadvantage to being fitter, stronger, faster and looking good too? It’s rhetorical. There isn’t.

Certifications & Qualifications

  • Certificate III & IV in fitness

  • Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sport Science (Newcastle University)

  • ASCA LVL 1 (S&C)

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