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An eBook simplying calories and nutrition for the everyday person.


In this book, you will learn:


  • How to understand what calories are and how to track them


  • How to find your individualised daily calorie and macro targets


  • What to look for when shopping and how to read food labels correctly


  • Ways to budget your calories for social events and outings


  • Strategies to implement into your daily lives to make dieting easier


  • Full macronutrient breakdowns and how to find your macronutrient targets based off your goals


  • How to track and include alcohol into your diet


  • Plus many more tips and tricks that can be implemented in everyday life.


$34.99 Regular Price
$29.74Sale Price
  • Has anyone ever told you that in order to get fit you have to cut out alcohol?

    What about telling you that you can't have any fast food in order to be 'healthy?'

    And my favourite - Have you ever been given a diet plan that has foods you absolutely hate in it but are told to eat it anyway?

    Well, screw that.


    Broccoli, Vodka Red-Bulls and The Three Little Pigs is a calorie eBook designed to make information about calories and nutrition simple. Designed in a way that's fun, entertaining and has all the information needed without the 'sciencey' jargon, this is a book that is packed with knowledge that won't make you feel like you're sitting in the classroom.


    Ready to take control of your own nutrition and be in the drivers seat? Then this eBook will be the catalyst to get you there. If there was ever a time to make an investment, this would be it.

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