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Behind the story.

Weight training was only one part of the story. Whilst getting fit, getting bigger and getting stronger was always a driving goal of mine, it quickly became more than that the more I dived into training and specifically, teaching.

After I finished playing team sport, as much as I was training in the gym I still felt somewhat lost without it. As I started lifting more, I was getting stronger and bigger but a big part of me missed the aspect of feeling fit.


I loved the feeling of being athletic more than anything else. I wanted to run far and fast, lift heavy weights, build muscle and ultimately looked like I possessed all of these fitness traits too.


This is where I fell into the pursuit of Hybrid training. A combination of both strength and endurance training that are simultaneously twisted into each other to create the ultimate program - One of athleticism and performance.


Since then, I have consistently looked to push my knowledge and my own training to see what is truly capable of a Hybrid approach. I also found a massive gap within the fitness industry of people offering a service for people to not only get strong and build muscle in the gym, but be fit as well.


Combining two completely different fitness modalities together is incredibly hard when trying to ensure we maximise results in both. This is why I have dedicated so much time to be confident in providing individuals with the right programming and right coaching to achieve these results.


My goal is to fill this gap in the industry and offer people the ability to train like a Hybrid individual. To be able to run whenever they want but also be able to lift heavy weights in the gym. To run a marathon or to compete in a powerlifting combination - or both!


'You don’t stop training because you get old. You get old because you stop training.'


There is no reason why we should stop lifting, running, swimming, biking, jumping, sprinting or even throwing! You can always train like an athlete if you want to.

These are the values and the mission statement of STRENGTHWIRED.

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