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Welcome to strengthwired.

Fitness isn't something that needs to take over our lives.

Fitness is meant to compliment our lives.

Typically, Hybrid training refers to individuals who choose to participate in multiple sports or someone who looks to improve both STRENGTH and ENDURANCE.

By Definition, Hybrid training is “The concurrent training of different athletic disciplines that do not inherently support one another, and whose disparate components are not essential to success at any one sport”.

A lot of people begin training to look better and quickly end up forgetting about actually feeling and moving better. Hybrid training has become more popular in the training space lately as more individuals not only want to look good but perform good too. By combining both strength and endurance modalities together, Hybrid training creates the perfect environment to feel and look athletic.


Most people struggle to balance both endurance and strength training together and either end up burning out, getting injured or just not progressing in either.


This is where STRENGTHWIRED excels.


Identify your EXACT goals with training both Strength and Endurance and what the best approach to take is; taking into consideration previous training history, injuries, current fitness level and most importantly - Life factors.

With a Bachelors degree in Exercise and Sport Science and over four years experience within the industry, I know I can do exactly that for individuals serious enough about their training. If I see you at the gym with the confidence to train by yourself after a few months of training with me, then I know I have done my job right.




Know the service you're getting before you pay for it.

The journey.

Analyse your goals

Decide what kind of Hybrid Individual you want to be.

Formulate your plan

A program is the key to ensure your progressing.

Plan into


Testing and Re-testing key performance measures to ensure progress.

Reach your goals.

Become a

Hybrid Athlete.

A Hybrid Athlete.

'Be ready for anything, anytime'.

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Behind the story.

Behind the name.

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Look good. Perform Better.

'Hybrid training creates the perfect environment to feel and look athletic.'


"I've been training with Jaydon for about 6 months now and the progress I've been able to make with him is insane! He's provided me with a detailed weekly plan and is always there to answer any questions I have. Our sessions each week are always so fun and it's made me re-think my perspective on working out. It's no longer a burden to head to the gym, and now it's something I look forward to each week (which I never thought I'd say!)
The confidence I've been able to gain while training under Jaydon is incredible and something I'll never regret signing up for."

- Cheyenne A.

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